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CAD-IT Consultants and ANSYS are pleased to invite you to a uniquely positioned event focused on engineering simulation solutions in the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas industry.


The seminar will provide a perspective on key industrial problems covering concerns in flow assurance, enhanced oil recovery, offshore and subsea structures, hydrodynamics, global analysis, process and equipment design and optimization.

Participants will gain insights into how they can use engineering simulation and virtual prototyping to reduce costly experimentation, and to increase safety and reliability of equipment in today's complex oil and gas business.

The seminar will also highlight broader issues of how engineering simulation is used to address technological dependence, environmental and regulatory concerns, as well as to manage risks by integrating simulation early in the design process to help accelerate product development by discovering potential problems early in the design cycle.

Speakers' Profiles

Paul Schofiled, Lead Engineer, ANSYS, Inc.

Paul Schofield has a degree in civil engineering, has worked in the Oil & Gas industry for almost 30 years and more recently, in offshore alternative energy such as wind and wave devices. Paul's current position at ANSYS, Inc. is Lead Engineer and he is based in Houston as part of the ANSYS south regional team.

Paul provides pre-sales support for the Americas, Europe and Asia, assisting with WebEx presentations, benchmark creation and technical product training. Paul also works closely with the product development teams for the ANSYS Offshore products such as ANSYS AQWA.


Michael David Slack, Team Leader - Fluids, ANSYS, Inc.

Michael David Slack has 16 years of CFD experience. He has consulted on an extensive range of applications -- Oil & Gas, HVAC, Chemical Process, Healthcare, Marine and Defence. Michael's current role involves developing new applications, working with new technology, new markets and pushing forward the boundaries of current CAE usage.

Michael has provided support and services to the Oil & Gas industry for 14 years, including managing a four-year development and deployment program for a bespoke set of CFD-based refinery tools for a leading oil multinational.

Michael is an experienced multiphase flow modeller and has extensive experience in modelling separation systems. Michael heads a team that provides multiphase flow support to the process industry and is experienced in managing projects that involve CFD.




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