Post-Event Report






ANSYS R12.0 Seminar


Post-Event Report

The ANSYS R12.0 Seminar organised by CAD-IT Consultants on 3 July 2009 saw the unveiling of the latest product release from ANSYS, Inc. Offering advanced simulation technology spanning all key engineering disciplines in an integrated software platform designed for Simulation Driven Product Development™, the ANSYS 12.0 suite encompasses a broad solver portfolio that spans a full range of functionality, from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics to thermal analysis to electromagnetics.


The seminar was graced by 150 distinguished participants from diverse industries and disciplines, encompassing Renewable Energy, Water Technology, HVAC, Electronics, Marine/ Offshore, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and Consumer Products amongst many others.


The seminar started with the Welcome Address by Mr. Terence Chan, CEO of CAD-IT Consultants. He regaled the audience with stories about the company’s formative years, and announced the expansion of CAD-IT’s portfolio of total IT solutions with the imminent addition of some cutting-edge software.


The seminar proper began with Mr. Timothy Kwan, CAD-IT’s Regional Business Manager, gave an overview of the updated features in ANSYS 12.0. With the audience’s interest heightened, Mr. Timothy Kwan continued by detailing the enhancements in ANSYS Workbench 2.0. The seamless integration of core applications – such as ANSYS Mechanical, FLUENT and CFX – on a single platform allows users to couple multiple physics in their analyses.


Mr. Terence Chan, CEO of CAD-IT Consultants, delivering the welcome address.

Mr. Timothy Kwan, CAD-IT's Regional Business Manager, introducing the new features in ANSYS 12.0.



Dr. Wendy Kurniawan, Applications Engineer from CAD-IT, introduced the significant improvements in ANSYS’ Structural Mechanics Solutions, particularly in elements, materials, contact and solver performance, along with linear, rigid, and flexible dynamics. Dr. Ma Shengwei, Applications Engineer from CAD-IT, then elucidated the enhancements in ANSYS’ Fluid Dynamics Solutions. By incorporating meshing, post-processing or the best-in-class CFD solvers FLUENT and CFX on the Workbench platform, users can perform their analyses more effectively.


CAD-IT was also honoured to have Mr. Jerald Cheong, Technical Specialist from Microsoft, which was the seminar’s main sponsor, address the audience. His presentation on “Scaling Up Engineering Analysis using Windows HPC Server 2008” enabled the audience to gain useful information on how to improve their simulation performances with the implementation of Microsoft HPC solutions.


Mr. Jerald Cheong, Technical Specialist from Microsoft, enlightening the audience on improving their engineering analyses using Windows HPC Server 2008.


Prof. Tan Cher Ming from NTU with CAD-IT's Mr. Andy Tan, Business Manager, and Ms. Florence Tan, Chief Operating Officer.


Participants relishing the ample networking opportunities at the seminar.

Enthusiastic participants trying out the new ANSYS features on the latest HP workstations.



CAD-IT is grateful to all our valued guests for their presence and participation. We would also like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our valued customers for giving us the opportunity to be your partners in simulation and we will strive to serve you even better. We look forward to your continued support as we organize more events in the future.


A rapt audience listening attentively to one of the many informative presentations.


Participants viewing the many ANSYS success stories on display at the foyer area.


Participants watching a live demo of ANSYS 12.0.


CAD-IT staff gathering for a group photograph.



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What our seminar participants say:


"ANSYS 12.0 looks more user-friendly and easier to pick up with Workbench. It benefits customers."

Zhang Heng Yun, Advanced Micro Devices



"I have been using ANSYS Mechanical for more than 12 years and I like the structural analysis features."

Suman Kar, Compass Energy



"I like the changeable meshing settings and the guided pull-and-drop display in ANSYS 12.0."

Stewart Ng, Aurigin Technology



"I like ANSYS 12.0 because it is easy to use and I can get very good analysis results. It is also faster and more efficient."

Muhammad Yusuf, ST, Equniox Offshore Engineering



"The comprehensiveness of the presentations and the depth of the knowledge of the presenters are excellent."

Angelina Octaviani, Polycore Optical



"There are very good interval breaks between the presenters. I also like the improved algorithms in ANSYS 12.0 for faster convergence."

Elson Goh, Seagate Technology International



"The flexibility has been greatly increased in Workbench 2.0 with new materials and coupled analysis."

Tan Jun Liang, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology



"I find the arrangements of the event, the facilities, the demonstrations and the expertise of CAD-IT engineers commendable."

Ravi Shankar, STMicroelectronics



"ANSYS 12.0 has very powerful capabilities of geometry creation and meshing."

Wu Yanmin, J. Ray McDermott



"A lot of updated information is provided at this seminar. I now know about the updated features and enhancements."

Xu Dan, Sulzer Chemtech



"I like the FSI coupling in ANSYS 12.0, and the fact that the FLUENT solver is included in Workbench."

Suresh Naidu, Vestas Technology R&D



"ANSYS 12.0 has combined many functional modules."

Shu Gang, ASM Technology



"There are many new and good features in Workbench 2.0."

Liu Ningyu, Data Storage Institute 



"There is a good overview of the new features of ANSYS 12.0."

Jenny Lee, Panasonic Refrigeration Devices



"I love the interface of ANSYS 12.0. It looks extremely easy to use."

Tan Wey Chin, Sunstar Engineering



"This seminar has enabled me to fully understand the capabilities of ANSYS 12.0."

Kelvin Chow, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology



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