Meeting 2008

3rd - 5th December 2008



The ANSYS AUTODYN Users Meeting 2008, organized by CAD-IT Consultants, was held from 3rd to 5th December 2008. Besides drawing interest from the Defence industry, participants from the Electronics, Research and Education sectors also turned up in force.


The Users Meeting started off with the training course ANSYS AUTODYN In Workbench, which saw Dr. Wendy Kurniawan, Applications Consultant from CAD-IT, educate attendees on the basics of the AUTODYN software. Trainees had ample time to try their hands on various demonstrations focusing on defence-related applications, such as Bird Strike, Ship Blast and Mine Blast.


The highlight of the three-day event was undoubtedly the update seminar on the 4th of December. ANSYS, Inc. sent three of its very best AUTODYN experts to Singapore to grace the Users Meeting. They were Mr. Bence Gerber, Regional Manager of Explicit Products; Mr. Malcolm Cowler, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff; and Mr. Tham Yang. In addition to providing insightful updates pertaining to AUTODYN in the upcoming Release 12.0, they also shed new light on its usage and cleared attendees’ lingering doubts. Attendees not only gleaned practical knowledge from the session, they were impressed with what CAD-IT and ANSYS had to offer as well.




Mr Bence Gerber receiving a certificate of appreciation.


Mr Malcolm Cowler receiving a certificate of appreciation.


Mr Tham Yang receiving a certificate of appreciation.


The Users Meeting concluded with an in-depth training course, ANSYS AUTODYN Advanced, conducted by Mr. Malcolm Cowler. He covered the more complex topics such as Material Models and Euler-Lagrange Interactions, with hands-on sessions highlighting detonations and explosive demolitions amongst others. Having learned from the very best, the trainees left the course confident that they would be able to utilize AUTODYN effectively in their future projects.


CAD-IT would like to thank all attendees for their presence and participation, out of which 70% expressed interest in implementing AUTODYN in the future. CAD-IT is greatly encouraged by the attendees’ support and praise of the event. We look forward to an even more successful ANSYS AUTODYN Users Meeting in the future.





The ANSYS AUTODYN Users Meeting is very insightful as it showcased the various capabilities of the AUTODYN software.

- Mr. Keith Foo, Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)



I am impressed with AUTODYN, which is a very user-friendly and powerful explicit solver.

- Dr. Mou Jian Qiang, Data Storage Institute (DSI)






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